Lamp Top Lamps Plus Pendant Light With 45 Pictures Lamps Plus Lamps Plus Hanging Lights
Lamp Top Lamps Plus Pendant Light With 45 Pictures Lamps Plus Lamps Plus Hanging Lights

Great Lamps Plus Hanging Lights

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Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights for All Occasions, and today I’m really excited to show you some new products we have on our website that will save you a lot of time instead of spending your weekends rummaging through those second hand stores. You can find these great products through our website. They are some hanging pendant fixtures that you can have in your home.

You can change the look around with the kind of light bulbs you use, where you put them, and I’m going to show you how to assemble an easy way of hanging them in your home to enhance that antique look you were going for. This is a petite cage light and I love the look of this light because it looks like I rummaged through my local antique store to try and find this, but I didn’t have to go through all the trouble of hard-wiring it myself; it’s been done for me already. If you look inside you have your place for your light bulb, and then you got the cord wrapped around this really neat chain, and then at the top you have your hanging medallion. If you want to put this inside you ceiling and replace a light fixture that you have in your home, it’s got the grounding wire. It has the anchor points; you can secure it to your ceiling. If you choose not to do that and you want to have the luxury of moving it around to different spots, then it does come with a cord you can plug in to the wall. And if you choose not to use the cord then you just simply coil it up inside the medallion for when you hang it on your ceiling. I’m going to show you some other really great hanging fixtures that you can find on our website. This is an olive tub hanging light fixture, and it comes in that really great antique color with the hanging chains. It has a hole in the center so that you can hang your cord and the light bulb through. This is a smaller version that comes in off-white, the same hanging chains, and that great antique look. We also have this pedal cage fixture that has the same option for you to hang whatever light bulb you choose to use. These hanging fixtures do not come hard wired, and so you need to have cord that you can install inside of your fixture, and then you can use whatever light bulb you’d like and you’re free to hang your light wherever you would like in your home. This one is a braided cord, it has a little bit of texture to it; it has that nice antique look. And you’re going to simply unscrew the top part. Set that down and you’ll put this part inside of your hanging fixture. And now I’ll take the bottom part, or the flat part goes inside first and you’ll hang that. Twist it on and hang your light wherever you’d like. .

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